Monday, December 7, 2009

Good luck, Rep. Mike Capuano!

Tomorrow, Massachusetts will be having a special election to fill the shoes of the irreplaceable Senator Ted Kennedy.

Win or lose, this site sends its gratitude to long-time Boston-area Representative Mike Capuano. Capuano was recently profiled by anti-war activist Ralph Lopez, who called him a "maverick who will take unpopular votes and side with anti-war forces."

Capuano most recently showed his commitment to ending the war by co-sponsoring Rep. Barbara Lee's HR 3699 which would prevent funding for an escalation in Afghanistan." Though the bill has only 24 sponsors, the Appropriations Committee Chair, Rep. David Obey, is also a strong opponent of the war.

In one his campaign ads, Capuano promised that without a clear exit plan, “I will never, ever vote to send more American troops to Afghanistan.” Capuano has also voted against PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and is an all-round excellent progressive.

Representative Capuano, best of luck tomorrow, and win or lose, we know the anti-war movement has a strong ally in Congress.

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